“We will never forget the ethnic cleansing of Arabs & Assyrians at the hands of Kurdish militias”

Walking along the Straight Street in Old Damascus last night, Laith Marouf speaks on Damascus’ ancient history, abundant everywhere one looks–even the “stones” people are sitting on.

But also, do listen from ~3:00 when we reach the martyrs garden that (quoting Laith):

“commemorates the genocide of the Syriac Canaanites by the Kurdish militias under the order of the Ottoman Turks, in what is now part of Turkey but was part of Syria…

So when people speak to us here in Syria about the imaginary Rojova land, we will never forget that there was an ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Assyrians from our lands at the hands of Kurdish militias under the order of the Ottomans.”

“This is a monument to the 1915 genocide of Syriac Assyrians, its around the same time as the Armenian genocide.

Syria is full of Armenians, it’s where Armenians came and hid. My family is from Deir ez Zor. The first land that Armenians escaping genocide reached, a safe place, was Deir ez Zor.

My great grandparents hid a lot of Armenian families from the Kurdish militias that were coming into Deir ez Zor to look for Armenians that were escaping.”

5 thoughts on ““We will never forget the ethnic cleansing of Arabs & Assyrians at the hands of Kurdish militias”

  1. Thank you for this. I did not know the Kurds were involved with the genocide of the Armenians. The Kurds can’t win for losing it seems over the last century or so… more will be revealed.

  2. Thanks for the article and your work.

    Re: https://www.opednews.com/articles/We-Will-Never-Forget-the-by-Eva-Bartlett-Ethnic-Cleansing_Kurds_Syria_Syrian-Kurds-191019-14.html#comment747732

    *”worth victims vs unworthy victims”* Once again the public is being stampeded with war drums of what Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky called “worth victims vs unworthy victims”. This time it is the “worthy Kurds”. But what about the Yemenis, Venezuelans, Iranians, Afghans, and the Syrians that have been victims of US illegal wars and blockades? Silence.

    I have empathy for all victims including innocent Kurds. Their leaders and terrorists participated in a US illegal war of aggression, a war crime and a crime against humanity. This is the consequence and now the warmongers’ answer is more illegal war as a cure for past illegal wars. That is never justified and usually only leads to more victims, which of course the media will ignore.

    The Kurdish terrorists were co-conspirators of US crimes. It is not the first time and its is not the first time that they have suffered as a result. They knew what they were getting into. To call them US “allies” is shameful, more like “partners in crime”.

    How about the US pay reparations for their crimes against Syria, and all the other countries the US has destroyed. That would show real humanitarianism and concern for its victims.

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