Media have been spreading propaganda against Syria for years – journalist

Dec 31, 2019, RT America:

“Fallout continues from recent Wikileaks revelations, which confirmed that the OPCW had been pressured to alter its report to cover up evidence about the alleged April 2018 chemical attack in Douma, Syria. Investigative journalist and on-the-ground reporter Eva Bartlett joins In Question to discuss.”


I thank Robert Thorpe for his summary of the interview:

“Steadfast Canadian journalist Eva Karene Bartlett, who has spent months on the ground in many parts of Syria since 2014, discusses Western propaganda designed to mislead people about Syria, demonize the nation in support of Western efforts to overthrow its sovereign government, and the defacto complicity in terrorism of the US, British, Canadian and other NATO governments.

She raises the issue of the recent resignation of Newsweek journalist Tareq Haddad’s from the publication over the censorship of his coverage of recent leaked internal OPCW documents which show that the senior management of UN sponsored organization produced fraudulent reporting of the non-existent alleged gas attack (a White Helmet false flag) at Douma used to justify US, French and British missile attacks on Syria. “

4 thoughts on “Media have been spreading propaganda against Syria for years – journalist

  1. from FREESPIRIT :

    “TRUMP and  NETANYAHU- Dumb DISEASED FLEAS on the backs of the “DOGS of WAR,led by “lead dog” the House of ROTHSCHILD…….andI am being nice by this statement”. Here is WHITNEYWEBB’S version of the SOLEIMANI assassination: and PHILIP GIRALDI : WHO drew FIRST BLOOD, from LEW ROCKWELL: The BEST SOLUTION for IRAN (PERSIA) is to “take out” the House of Rothschild. Any otherdecision will mean, CONTINUOUS sporadic Attacks by the U.S./Israel ZionistMAFIA and/or Iran’s inevitable SURRENDER,at great cost in Human life and beingBombed into the Stone Age . Remember all countries are IGNORING International law(India,Israel,U.S. etcetera) when it is convenient, so why should IRAN careabout International law, when we have “Law of the Jungle” now…Survival of theFittest ! Two can play the same Zionist WAR game…. and Must, or DISAPPEAR.Zionists plan to OWN this Planet, at the expense of ALL GENTILES, in particularand some Jews, only as an exception,  whether you want to believe it or not. Infantile  fantasies, of a “God” coming to the rescue,wont change REALITY, which is”Hiding in Plain Sight” and Zionist Jews KNOWthat. THAT ACT alone, of dealing with the “House of Rothschild”, wouldfrighten the rest of the Warmongering Supremacist Psychopaths , such as, butnot limited to, the House of Windsor and the Vatican JESUITS, into quietsubmission because they will then realize they are not so “Supremacist” afterall and further, I believe,  that actionwill actually DIScourage either U.S. or Israel from going to war, with Iran, asretaliation. Personally I believe Iran will NOT doanything directly violent ( but Hezbollah may).They (Iranians) arealready talking about SUING U.S. :  To over simplify – no one can successfullysue and at the same time, commit physical/violent acts of revenge , no matterhow justifiable, against the person or entity one is suing, “for acts ofViolence”………….. and here is some GOOD NEWS………….. ………ERDOGAN of TURKEY transfers the Original Land ClaimDocuments to Palestinians to PROVE their REAL land claims anddestroy ISRAEL’S FALSE CLAIMS: Erdogan is full of surprises, some VERY good, like that one, but I donttrust him because of  his other  actions, such as standing against HAFTAR ofLibya and FOR Israel which is a criminal entity. Anyone who supports IsraelCANNOT be trusted. His role in this WAR for the NWO, seems to be tomaintain CHAOS and CONFUSION by “Playing BOTH sides from the Middle”…..and thenhe doesn’t. Is he trying to DECEIVE the”Good Guys” or the “Bad Guys”or BOTH ?  

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