Aleppo Man Imprisoned & Tortured by West’s “Rebels” in Terrorist-Occupied Hospital Complex

Long, productive, rewarding, and also sad, day in Aleppo. The sad–tragic–part was meeting a man, Abdel Aziz, who was held in the terrorists’ underground prison in the Eye/Children’s Hospital complex, occupied by terrorist factions until liberation of eastern Aleppo areas in late 2016.

Held for over a year, he said, in solitary confinement most of that time, he said.

In mid 2017, I saw an underground prison in that terrorist-occupied hospital complex, and saw the cells he would have been held in:

…also in Lairamoun, Aleppo: 

Solitary confinement was a narrow, suffocating, cement and metal cell just wide enough for an adult to fit in. At best he could probably sit, knees to chest… but not lie down.

He was one of many civilians kept in such horrific circumstances. He started to cry when I asked him questions about this unjust incarceration, so I didn’t push much beyond asking the very basics.

This man is traumatized, probably for life.

These terrorism was done by terrorists backed by the West, who still dare to call them “rebels”.

When interviewing others today, on a variety of issues, including rebuilding in Aleppo, whenever the matter of the terrorists came up they were clear that all of the terrorists, whatever name they go by (Free Syrian Army, etc) are the same, something I’ve heard over and over again around Syria. And it’s logical, because these thieves and criminals all commit acts of terrorism, whether shelling and sniping civilian areas, holding civilians hostage, starving them, torturing them, beheading them…

From my article on liberated Aleppo:

“…in the Eye Hospital complex, I passed a building marked as the headquarters of the Tawhid Brigade, and a building marked on an outside wall with the writing, “The Sharia court in Aleppo and its countryside,” before entering and descending to another underground prison.

It contained the same tight solitary confinement cells as in Lairamoun, as well as many dank, windowless, concrete rooms serving as mass cells for the unfortunate Aleppo residents imprisoned by the terrorists.

Many of the cement room-cells contained religious texts, in boxes and plastic crates, and on the main level two rooms had been used as classrooms, segregated by sex, for teaching the extremists’ beliefs to Aleppo’s mostly-Sunni Muslims.

Prisoners’ writings, with dates, on the walls showed that at least some of them were held in this dungeon for over a year. The fate of some prisoners was execution, depending on the perverted rulings of terrorist judges.

Western media played down the militarization of hospitals in Aleppo by al-Qaeda affiliates.

Independent British journalist Vanessa Beeley visited the hospital complex-turned-prison in April 2017 and interviewed a man who had been imprisoned for seven weeks by Jabhat al-Shamiya (the Levant Front coalition of al-Qaeda and Salafi terrorists) because he talked about how bad conditions were in East Aleppo, under the terrorists.

Beeley told me some of what the man, Ahmad Aldayh, a shopkeeper, had told her:

“I was eyewitness to one execution: A young man, the only child in his family, was arrested because the terrorists found on his mobile phone a photo of his friend holding the Syrian flag. They tortured him for more than four hours and then executed him.

We were all treated very badly. One woman begged three times for food and said she was starving. The warden ordered the prison guards to torture her for three hours as punishment for complaining. Just before the SAA fully liberated the area and the Eye Hospital on the 4th December 2016, 22 other prisoners were executed. They were all shot. They were also about to throw another prisoner off the roof of the building but the SAA advance was so fast they fled without killing him.”…”

14 thoughts on “Aleppo Man Imprisoned & Tortured by West’s “Rebels” in Terrorist-Occupied Hospital Complex

  1. Thank you Eva for making a difference in the Syrian, Palestinian and others lives and sharing that with us. We are now without excuse …..

  2. These zionist sponsored takfiris are the absolute worst of the worst. Never before, has our world seen or experienced anything like it. It needs to be totally dispensed with. Like the filth, the trash it is.

  3. Thank you so much:

    Now we can add germ warfare to the horrors that the West inflicts on the world. The US has always used disease to its advantage going back to purposely spreading smallpox to the Natives. Even though they did not know what germs were in those days, they knew how to use germ warfare.

    Whether this Corona virus is a US weapon on purpose or by accident does not keep the US from taking advantage of it. It is unconscionable to keep illegal economic terrorism against Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc. Especially during a worldwide epidemic. It is immoral and stupid, and makes the world less safe for ‘the West’ too. But when has that been a concern of US/Canadian foreign policy?

    Nor should we forget to keep Gaza in our prayers. The US/Canada has the audacity to criticize Cuba/Venezuela etc, while Israel has kept millions of Gazans in nazi-style concentration camps for over a decade. The chosen and exceptional people have no mercy even during a plague. Now they are using “weed killer” added to “cutting the grass”.

    We should not expect better from our government, criminal allies, and greedy oligarchs. But we should expect better from the ‘American’ people. They need to grow a conscience, instead of being like the “Good Germans”, which were so shamed by the US after WW2.

    Now we should understand how Hitler happened!

    Thanks for bringing us the truth, Eva.


    David Pear

    P.S. I am returning to the US tomorrow, cutting my travels in Russia short due to fear of police state in US may keep me exiled forever. Since I posted your article from Russia that makes me a “Putinbot-troll”, I guess. Along with millions of other Russians who have computers and can go online, post stuff on Facebook and Youtube. What evil will these Ruskies do next to foil democracy in the West? It only hurts when I laugh. Of course what you are doing is no laughing matter.

    Going back to the States tomorrow, cut trip short

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