Thank you!

A quick thank you to all who have messaged, emailed, commented on various social media platforms. It’s truly humbling the outpouring of support I’ve been receiving, I can’t keep up, its overwhelming. Thank you!

I’ll be mostly offline for the next many days, but am so grateful to all of your kind & supportive words.

29 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Keep up the great work Eva. We all love and support you in it. Take courage in knowing how much it means to all self respecting folks out there.

  2. Thank you for your courage, commitment, showing the truth to world. God bless You!

  3. Keep safe Eva, your bravery and commitment to truth telling us an inspiration to all right thinking people

  4. Eva,
    Keep up the honest reporting have followed you since you were in Syria.MSM is fake news our world has changed so much.Stay safe and I look forward to your next report.

  5. I love listening to the truth for once , thankyou for your integrity, love your work, please take care.

  6. You’re welcome Eva! It’s nice to hear the news from the other side of this “crisis du’jour”. I get very suspicious when the left in this country supports a war and it becomes a social media hit. Creepy things are trending… thanks for your input. Stay safe, keep up the good work. Randal

  7. Eva Bartlett- I am proud of you my fellow Canadian!….
    While Canada itself has turned Nazi against us.
    Keep up the brave and essential truthdigging!!

  8. No, Eva, thank you for being a truthful witness to the lies and bullshit the so-called media shoves down the throats of its sheeples.I appreciate your courage and honesty.

    Best regards Dieter Barkhoff

  9. You just keep Hammering on The Ukraine lies young lady. Please.
    The US Govt has decided to Resurrect The 3rd Reich and shoot for the 1000 Year endgame with it’s Ministry of Truth.
    And it’s Disgusting.

    Good Luck and Watch your 6, AT ALL TIMES.

  10. Hu Eva, I am really grateful to hear what is going on from somebody who is truthful and not a part of anybody’s war machine. Keep up a great work and keep safe❤✌🏼❤

  11. Yeah, it is so sad to listen to Joe Biden talking about how mandy jobs are created by the industrial defense complex while inocent people are suffering, this is all a sham created by these elite war mongerers.

  12. Yeah, thanka a lot for your valuable work, I dont see any other narratives about the real truth about the whole situation on fox or any other outlet on mainstream media. Its like everyone is just pushing for adding fuel the fire, of course few of us know what its all about a few making big bucks.

  13. Hi Eva,
    You do a great job providing accurate information in this world in which lying has become the modus operandi of so many.

  14. I am a troll and have come to troll Eva because she is doing invaluable work and I’m just some coward in my mom’s basement. Wish I had balls, but no, I lack them. My life is shit.

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