alone and impoverished


Hadwa lives among the same cluster of impoverished shacks and broken cement houses as the other al Bateran families I’d already met.  It seems the lane holds sad story after sad story, a micro-segment of Gaza’s overall suffering under siege and warfare, and every encounter of the extended al Bateran family alone  reinforces this.

Hadwa said she used to receive aid but that the Ramallah government cut it in the past two years.

She takes what she can get from her relatives, but lives hand-to-mouth day by day.



6 thoughts on “alone and impoverished

  1. I have followed your blog since I learned of the horror the Palestinian people is put through for one single reason: you were born and live in your own country which was then stolen. And of course, for being Muslims.

    Unfortunately, in Sweden, where I come from, these issues have NEVER been mentioned as we are constantly told Jews are the rulers and owners of the world. The hate against the Muslim community is disgusting and I am sorry to say that I’m ashamed of the ignorance my country displays.

    I want you to know that I think about Gaza and the Palestian people every day. Me and my family support the people’s cause and are nothing but appalled at the way the “Israelian” (I can’t call them proper Israelis as they live on land stolen from another people via murder, war and constant inhuman actions) government keeps denying the rights of the Palestinian people.

    We have donated money through the Red Cross/Crescent and hope it will come to good use!

    Keep up your spirit.
    With you in my thoughts,

  2. […] Hadwa was sitting on the stoop of the path leading to her single room home. we walked back and went inside.  It was already overheated, no breeze passing through the window near the ceiling or the small window on one wall. The dreary cement seemed to retain heat in the box-room. […]

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