Israel Pirating in Palestinian waters

Though you wouldn’t know it from the lack of media coverage, for decades Israel has been committing acts of piracy in Palestinian waters: Attacking, kidnapping and stealing from Palestinian fishers, sometimes just a mile off the Gaza Strip’s coast.

Despite pledges of restraint, the Israeli navy’s attacks have continued since the November 2012 ceasefire between Israeli authorities and the Palestinian resistance. The Mezan Centre for Human Rights noted on March 24, 2013, that “Since the ceasefire agreement, Israeli occupying forces have carried out 44 attacks against fishermen in Gaza’s waters, injuring four fishermen. Israeli forces arrested 44 fishermen, confiscated nine boats, and damaged fishing equipment on five separate occasions.”


Ceasefire Means ‘Nothing’ to Gaza Fishers

Israeli naval abductions and shooting at Palestinian fishermen: it’s routine

Israeli Navy Terrorism: Destroying Boats and Livs

Israeli naval abductions and shooting at Palestinian fishermen

one year later, young fisherman still trying to heal

musings from a fishing boat

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