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Last night’s…and every night of Eva Bartlett‘s speaking tour of Gaza in Ireland has been a resounding informative success. Don’t miss out on the last talk in Belfast this evening at 7pm in Palestine Aid, city centre of Belfast hosted by Fra Hughes. You will not regret it as the information relayed is a true representation of the suffering that is put on Gaza. —Eileen Carr

Sat Mar 29: 7 pm, Dublin 2, Ireland Institute, Pearse st

Sun Mar 30: 7 pm, Belfast, Palestine Aid, 48 Kind st

Mon Mar 31:  3 pm, Dublin, meet with Emer Costello, MEP Dublin

Tues Apr 1: Manchester, organized by Adie & the Manchester Palestine Solidarity campaign

Wed Apr 2: Sheffield, organized by Mousheir al Farra



INTERVIEWS [see here for more interviews]:

The Corbett Report, Feb 13, 2014: Interview 824 – Eva Bartlett Documents the Struggle of the Palestinians

FEEDBACK [see more comments here]

Eva Bartlett represents a new type of independent journalist and advocate, one powered by social justice and by the web to tell stories the corporate media do not tell. An incredibly courageous young woman, Bartlett has risked her life to tell the stories of Gaza farmers and fishermen under fire. Clearly, her conscience drives her reports of the violent and protracted modern struggle between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

–Dianne Heimer, Journalism Department Chair, Sacramento City College


Thank you Eva Bartlett for sharing your inside knowledge of Gaza and the suffering of the people with us yesterday evening. You are one inspirational and very brave woman. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I left the Friary …….all night questions and thoughts just kept coming to me. 

–Sally Thelen, Kinsale, Ireland


Tonight I had the pleasure to meet and listen to an amazing young woman and activist, Eva Bartlett. Eva is going around the world to educate people about the dire situation in Gaza and the urgent need for us in civil society to take action to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Eva has first hand experience of life in Gaza having spent some time there. Her presentation was thorough, forthright and delivered with the passion of someone who has been truly affected by what she experienced in the Gaza strip. To see the photo’s and video’s along with the individual stories Eva recounted, remembering every person by name, brings home how desperate the situation in Gaza is and how much they need our voices.  I would also urge people to go to any events Eva may have in the future and to help bring Eva to your countries so she can continue to raise awareness about Gaza.

–Robby Martin, Dublin, Ireland


Gaza witness Eva Bartlett gives her audience a painful, compassionate portrait of her direct experiences in Gaza since 2007. Personally, it brought me to tears reminding me of being a Jewish teen again, seeing images and hearing the stories of the horrors of the Nazi holocaust. (How ironic that the abused now become the abusers.)Eva is straight with her audience, reporting what she’s observed and been directly involved in. Through raw video and photos, she shows us the actions and consequences of the Israeli Army and Egypt border control, without embellishment. She remembers the names, faces and places of every Palestinian she interacted with, visited with, watched die, etc. and opens everyone’s eyes and hearts, making her audience see and acknowledge the humanity of the people she witnessed. She herself has been repeatedly shot at, arrested and beaten by Israeli soldiers.She is extremely articulate.Through her presentation, Eva compels us to see the Palestinians not as vengeful terrorists, but people who desperately desperately want the basics of life — shelter, clean water, food, employment, free movement, hydro, sewage treatment, and to be healthy, productive, loving parents and children.

–Judy Goldschmidt, Founder Mid-Islanders for Justice and Peace in the Middle East/Comox Valley, BC chapter


Yesterday’s event with Eva Bartlett was one of the most lucid, horrific and provocative presentations I have experienced in many, many years.

–Bob May, Denver Colorado


Eva your talk here in Boulder was astounding. You are one brave woman. Not much of what you reported was new I had read human rights reports and followed closely while Cast Lead was taking place even though Israel banned journalist from going in. The Goldstone Report was so informative and brutal. But your personal experience took it up a notch you were in the thick of things. You have been a witness. Extraordinary. Thank you for your amazing work and bravery and your commitment to social justice and human rights. Folks should really take the time to go hear Eva speak about her direct experiences and witnessing to the human rights crimes being committed by Israel.

–Kathleen, Boulder, CO


Thank you for your visit and for the splendid program. It was amazing that no one left during the long wait for the second projector. I am sure everyone felt the wait was worth it. The amount of donations was very high – $739 for Maia Project! This is the most we have ever received at one event. The children of Gaza thank you, too. I think the attenders were so generous because they felt so terrible about what they saw in your presentation. The Maia Project gives people a chance to do something positive. They can feel they are helping. It won’t change policies or the big picture, but at least some children can drink clean water. Steve thinks people thought they were donating to support you, but I think you made it clear that it was for Maia.

–Wendy Hartley, Grass Valley, CA


Having been active in Canada for a number of years now in the pursuit of justice and peace for the Palestinian people, Eva’s presentation about Israeli brutality and the indiscriminate infliction of suffering on the people of Gaza, complete with graphic and heart-wrenching images, is among the most inspiring I’ve witnessed to date. Her absolute solidarity, her desire to speak the truth of the human rights atrocities and widespread destruction of property perpetrated by the Israeli army all along the Gaza Strip, done with the silent complicity and financial support of the Canadian and US governments and leaders, is an essential message that ordinary people need to hear and see in order that sufficient public moral outrage can be built and eventually become transformative, as it became in South Africa, we’re remembering in recent weeks with the death of Nelson Mandela, to overcome that apartheid regime. And it’s so hard to get in and out of Gaza that most activists have concentrated on the settlements and other policies related to the occupation in the West Bank, thus making her witness about Gaza even more important.Our North American hands are not just dirty but filthy with regard to our appalling ignorance and silence about what is being done in our name, and Eva’s presentation deserves, and needs, to be seen and heard by thousands of us! Don’t miss the opportunity to be awakened, however difficult it might be, to the truth of the ethnic cleansing, colonialism and land theft imposed upon the Palestinian people, especially as we come to see the parallels between their situation and that of the indigenous peoples of this Turtle Island upon which the vast majority of us walk as settlers!May your prophetic voice continue to ring out, Eva! Thanks be to God for your witness!

–Brian McIntosh, United Church of Canada, United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel


Excellent interview on the Jack Blood show today. You are a hero. Any info on activist groups in the Atlanta area would be greatly appreciated. Peace and love to you and all who deserve it!



Eva Bartlett’s presentation on Gaza should be heard by every American, including every single member of Congress. I am quite sure that they would end the American taxpayers’ financial support of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine if they only knew the horrors our money was paying for. Bartlett spoke beautifully, in a clear, articulate voice, presenting all the details of Israeli atrocities in a most professional manner. Her speech contained no rhetoric or pretense, with no hint of ego; she just described the facts that she has witnessed living in Gaza for several years. Her modest and captivating demeanor made her presentation all the more powerful. I strongly recommend everyone to make every effort to attend a presentation by Eva Bartlett, or organize one yourself if there are none nearby. It is a real privilege to hear her speak.

–Jane Jewell, 14 Friends of Palestine, founder 


Such a calm, articulate, intelligent & courageous young woman. Eva has more integrity in her little toe than exists in the entire US senate. She is a front line soldier in the war for truth & we should all emulate her example & stand up, & speak out for truth & justice !Thank you for this broadcast, it has renewed my faith in some of humanity at least.



Eva Bartlett gave a talk on the situation inside Gaza at the University Of Victoria, sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices and the University Social Justice Program on November 27th 2013. She mesmerized the audience by her descriptions of what she had directly witnessed, which was illustrated by extraordinary photos and live footage. She was very succinct in her presentation and remained remarkably calm, given the emotional nature of her material. She handled questions well and authoritatively. I would highly recommend her to speak to any group who want to know exactly what is going on in Gaza. Overall I would rate her ‘state-of-the-art’.

–Adrian Fine, Independent Jewish Voices, Victoria, BC


Though our group has been engaged with the Gaza issue for years and includes members from Iraq and Palestine, we were deeply moved, better educated and ultimately inspired to strengthen our solidarity efforts by Eva’s outstanding presentation. Her calm, clear and compassionate revelation of “facts on the ground” for the people of Gaza was unlike anything we had seen before. Her talk and images are something every Canadian adult should see and hear. Her courage and commitment inspires us to do more to halt this cruel injustice.

–Mark Haley, Organizer, Kelowna Peace Group


Eva Bartlett tells it like it is with grace and the authority of eyewitness experience. Everyone, especially Canadians, could benefit from this first hand view, illustrated with photographs and video footage of the plight of Gazans under the guns of US-backed Israeli forces. For Canadians the parallels between the oppression, violence and land theft experienced by indigenous people here and what is now happening to Palestinians are striking. Her focus is on the daily anxieties, the farmers being shot at as they work their fields and the lives of children under an illegal blockade. Not a presentation that children should view and not one that any responsible adult should miss.

–Amber Nedelec, Kelowna BC


Mon Feb 10: 5 pm, Chicago, 1104 S Wabash – Columbia College, Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace, Columbia (Sjp Jvp). Their event page.

Wed Feb 12Interview with James Corbett of The Corbett Report

Th Feb 13-17: NJ

Tues Feb 18: 4 pm, EST, Interview with Jack Blood, Deadline Live, [archived link to follow]

Tues Feb 18: 2 pm, EST, Interview with Kevin Barrett, Editor at Veterans Today, Eva Bartlett on genocide in Gaza

Wed Feb 19: 4 pm, EST, Interview with James Evan Pilato, Geopolitiks on Media Monarchy

Wed Feb 19: 8pm, EST, Interview with Navid Nasr, “Bullet Points,” Voices of the 99 Percent Radio [archived link to follow]
Thurs Feb 20: 7 pm, Philadelphia, Wooden Shoe Books, 704 South Street, co-sponsored by Philly BDS.  Their event page.

Fri Feb 21Interview with Paul Jay, the Real News Network

Fri Feb 21: 7:30 pm, Baltimore, Red Emma’s, 30 W. North Avenue, their event page

Sat Feb 22: 5 pm,  Trevilians, VA,  Little Flower Catholic Worker Farm, 16560 Louisa RD

Sun Feb 23: 7 pm, DC, The Peace House, 1233 12th St NW, between 12 & M street, closest metro: mount Vernon square. Event page

Mon Feb 24: 10 am EST, Interview with Joyce RileyThe Power Hour

Mon Feb 24: 6 pm, DC,  American University,  Ward building room 104

Tues Feb 25: 1 pm, Baltimore, Morgan State University, University Student Centre, room 201 B. SPONSORS: The Middle East Group, Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Department, The Honors Program, World Languages and International Studies Department

Tues Feb 25:  7 pm, DC, George Washington University, Marvin Center, 427 800 21st St. NW

Wed Feb 26:  7 pm, NY, Hunter, Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Thurs Feb 27:  7 pm, Boston, MIT, room 35-225, Israeli Apartheid Week, co-sponsored by Harvard PSC (Palestine Solidarity Committee) and Harvard School of Public Health, their FB event page

Fri Feb 28Interview on This Week in Palestine

Fri Feb 28:  6 pm, Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston Street, Boston

Sat Mar 1Interview on Arabic Hour

Sat Mar 1:  evening meeting with Gaza Mental Health Foundation

Sun Mar 2:  3 pm, Cambridge, First Church, 11 Garden St

Sun Mar 2: Interview with John Roberts, Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)


Tues Mar 4:  6 pm, Buffalo, U Buffalo, Natural Science Complex (NSC) Lecture Hall 225, Muslim Students Association

Wed Mar 5: 7 pm, Buffalo, Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St, Buffalo, (716) 881-0791

Thurs Mar 6: 8:15 pm, Pittsburgh,  the Thomas Merton Center, 5129 Penn Avenue, forum on Palestine

Fri Mar 7: 7:15 pm, Pittsburgh, the Big Idea Bookstore, 4812 Liberty Avenue

Sat Mar 8: 2 pm, Boulder, CU Boulder campus, Hellems, room 211, Middle East Collective of the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center

Sun Mar 9: 3 pm, Denver, First Unitarian Society of Denver, 1400 Lafayette St, Capitol Hill

Tues Mar 11: 5 pm, Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University, 1 LMU Dr., Theology Village, University Hall, third floor

Wed Mar 12: 6: 30 pm, Interview with Sue Hilderbrand, “The Point IsKZFR, 90.1 fm

Thurs Mar 13: 4 pm, Oakland, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway

Fri Mar 14: 1 pm, Interview with Allan Campbell, People United, KOOP radio

Fri Mar 14: 5 pm, Interview with Richard Estes, Speaking in Tongues, KDVS radio

Fri Mar 14: 7 pm, Hayward, Peace and Pizza, Eras Environmental, 1533 “B” Street

Sat Mar 15: Grass Valley, Nevada City

Sun Mar 16: 2 pm, Nevada City, United Methodist Church, 433 Broad Street, FMI: 530-478-1943

Sun Mar 16: 7 pm, Sacramento, 909 12th st, FMI: 916-448-7157;

Mon Mar 17: 12:30 pm, Rocklin, Classroom presentation – open to the public, room D-12, Sierra College, 5000 Rocklin Rd

Mon Mar 17: 3 pm, Sacramento City College, 3835 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento

Mon Mar 17: 7 pm, Chico, Unitarian Universalist, 1289 Filbert St

Tues Mar 18: 10:30am, Sacramento, journalism class, Sacramento City College, 3835 Freeport Blvd

Tues Mar 18: 4 pm, Walnut Creek, CA, 1010 Stanley Dollar Drive, Rossmoor,Voices for Justice in Palestine [FB event page]

Wed Mar 19: 3:30 pm, University of Texas, CAL 100, Austin, Society for Islamic Awareness

Thurs Mar 20: 7 pm, Austin, Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8 St, near Brazos, The Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights

Fri Mar 21: 7:30 pm, Columbia College, 623 S Wabash 1st floor

Sat Mar 22: Chicago

Sun Mar 23: Chicago

Mon Mar 24: 6 pm, Chicago, Loyola University, 1032 W. Sheridan Rd, Cudahy science building room 202

Tues Mar 25: 7:30 pm, Fergus, Ontario, Melville United Church, 300 St Andrew St W

Mar 27 – 30: Ireland (FB event poster)

Thur Mar 27: 8 pm, Kinsale, The Friary Centre

Fri Mar 28: 1 pm, Cork, University College Cork, W6 West Wing

Fri Mar 28: 8 pm, Galway, the Imperial Hotel

interview with Rich Forer


  1. Eva,

    I have no contacts there but if you arrange to speak at UVM or the Burlington VT Peace and Justice Center (big ifs in my view) my wife and I would be happy to host you and provide local transportation.


  2. Greetings again, Eva; perhaps there’s another angle on Gaza: environmental, resources, anthropological. biblical, technical, archeological…etc. It’s tough to keep telling the same story. An even taller order though is to “avoid only the choir” when frankly, anyone who hasn’t heard the tune by now is either tone deaf, or doesn’t care.

    Good luck, and please let me know if you want a Monday airing between 5-6pm pst on GR.

    cheers c/.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the ideas. I have actually written about environmental (sea pollution) and archaological (Gaza’s historic treasures)…but I like the other ideas.

  4. I’m really interested in having Eva come and speak at Woodland Community College about her struggles living in Gaza and the way women are treated during the Israeli occupation

  5. Eva, do you have the details of your March 21 & 22 dates in Chicago? I’d love to come see your presentation…I’ll try to persuade some who are not members of the choir, as Chris Cook says, heh…

  6. thanks, Jim. The Mar 21 Chicago details are still being finalized, but I’ll definitely put them on my blog itinerary.

    Yes, please do bring/drag out the non-choir! I do believe that good people who get the opportunity to consider the reality of Palestinian oppression will then stand in solidarity with them. Happened to me 🙂

  7. Dear Eva,

    Thank you so much for coming to UB. Your presentation gives me a deeper insights on what the people, the civilians not the politicians, really endure right now.

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