mortars on Damascus one quiet courtyard night

area of mortars apr 26 wide view

Posting below some audio I took as was sitting, interviewing a restaurant owner, Abu Shadi, last night in the old city of Damascus. As it happened, got two of four mortars on audio. The first occurred around 7:05 pm, which Abu Shadi estimated to be 200 metres away, his friend corrected him saying it was only 50 metres away (also about 20 metres from my hotel). Roughly 10 minutes later, the second mortar. There were two other mortars within half an hour.

These are widely believed to be “rebel”-fired mortars (there are “rebel” made videos showing them firing such mortars on Damascus and elsewhere) on the old city last night. As Abu Shadi talks, several of his friends share their experiences. Most of it he has translated approximately, but for the sake of time I’m posting this now (with some of the conversation about where the mortars landed not fully translated).

area of mortars apr 26

Sana news reported that “ the injury of 17 civilians and material damage to private properties.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that two mortar shells fell on al-Zablatani area, causing the injury of 16 citizens, adding that three mortars hit the area of Bustan al-Dour and caused only material damage.

Another citizen was injured by shrapnel of a mortar shell that hit Bab Touma area

Earlier, a mortar shell landed on the French Hospital in al-Qassa’ area in Damascus, inflicting material losses.


Bab Touma mortar attacks

Apr 24, Damascus notes

mortars and nostalgia for the past

children injured by “rebel” shelling of Manar school, Damascus

mortar attack near hotel Peace Delegation staying at

explosion, Damascus, Apr 10 morning



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