Life under shelling: Insight into traditional Damascus home damaged in attacks (VIDEO)


Apr 28, 2018,

Shattered glass and bullet-riddled walls is what a Syrian family’s home turned into after numerous shellings of Old Damascus. The residents gave up on restoring the glass, but are trying to save the traditional décor.

Canadian journalist and rights activist Eva Bartlett visited the family, who showed her around their flat in a traditional Damascus courtyard house they’ve been living in for 80 years. Their home is one of many buildings, hit by strikes that so-called “moderate” rebel groups conduct in the Syrian capital, according to Bartlett, who reported on their extensive shelling in her blog.

“During the 6th of February there was a lot of mortars falling and one of them fell here. Thanks God, no one was home,” a woman says through a translator, pointing at an inner courtyard.

The inside walls are riddled with holes and once glass-fitted windows are now replaced with the plastic. The family, which includes several small children, doesn’t want to replace the expensive glass “because it’s going to be destroyed again” anyway.

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The family took some precautions, however, and put cement over the ancient handcrafted façade of the house to protect it from potential damage. Yet, a decorated archway was partially burned in one of the militant attacks.


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8 thoughts on “Life under shelling: Insight into traditional Damascus home damaged in attacks (VIDEO)

  1. There are no words to describe what people are going through with war.I pray this insanity will stop forever.

  2. Wish I could share this to Twitter, Ms. Bartlett, but my account is temporarily locked. It may have been because I called Netanyahu a “lying sack of shit” which is a Southern experession, of course. I don’t guess the Twitter thought-police appreciated it.

  3. Hello Eva. Thanks as always for your great work.

    I have a classical music program on CIUT-FM (the same station which carries The Taylor Report). The program is called Classical Underground, and I like to keep it relevant and unstuffy. In that spirit, I would like to know if you have any contacts in Damascus who are professional musicians, and could be available for interviews, both about their music and about their experience of living through the invasion and terrorist attacks against their country. I am also looking for historical and traditional Syrian music to play on the program.

    If you know anybody I could use as a contact, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Philip Conlon


  4. Hi Phil, yes I do know some people who might be able to come on your program, let me get back to you about this! 🙂

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