Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett (interview by Devon Bowers)

by Hampton Institute, A Different Lens

“Today we sit down with independent journalist Eva Barlett to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria, the regional players, how NGOs are being used to further certain agendas, and the endgame for Syria.”

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The show can be downloaded here.

*links to articles cited (chronologically):

-Sharmine Narwani’s The Hidden Massacre:

-the killing of Nidal Jannoud:

-on Syria’s reforms:

-on false CWs allegations:

Chemical Fabrications: East Ghouta and Syria’s Missing Children

-on barrel burmz:

Mythology, Barrel Bombs, and Human Rights Watch

-on Ken Roth lies:

Ken Roth keeps on digging?

-on Ma’aloula:

-on Yarmouk:


-on HR front groups:

– Tim Anderson on the Adra massacre:

The Liberation of the Syrian City of Adra. Held Hostage by US Sponsored Death Squads

-on Avaaz:

Seven Steps of Highly Effective Manipulators

-Cory Morningstar on Avaaz:

Imperialist Pimps of Militarism, Protectors of the Oligarchy, Trusted Facilitators of War | Part IV

– Vanessa Beeley on White Helmets:

‘White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria

-on the 2012 DoD document:

-President Assad’s interview w RT:

– Christoph Germann’s blog:

-Sibel Edmonds on Kurds being used to destablize Syria:

-Paul Paul Larudee​ on siege as a military strategy to fight terrorism but limit/avoid civilian casualties:

Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?

-on #Foua and #Kafarya

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya: Two Northwestern Syrian Villages Under Siege and Assault by NATO’s Terrorists

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya

-on Hell Canons:

-interview with Dr. Ali Haidar, Minister of Reconciliation:

3 thoughts on “Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett (interview by Devon Bowers)

  1. Keep up the good work Eva. Along with a passion for the truth, we have something else in common, but my case is reversed…..born in Canada, raised in the States (actually, between the two countries). I reside in east TN now……if you are ever in this neck of the woods, drop me a line, you’ve got a place to stay if you need it. Always willing to help someone fighting the Zionist dogs.

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