Talking North Korea/DPRK on UK Column News

I joined the UK Column yesterday to talk about some aspects of my recent trip to the DPRK/North Korea. Short segment and I’m still processing all my notes, but interesting conversation with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen.

UK Column, Sep 5, 2017

“Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News, including a conversation with investigative journalist Eva Bartlett, recently returned from North Korea.”


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4 thoughts on “Talking North Korea/DPRK on UK Column News

  1. _ without You _ your Courage, The Honest Feelings to see and Share: Truth
    _ Life, woulden’t stand A Chance, of Being Beautiful..

  2. Will become a Patreon! Thanks so much for sharing some truth. That UK Column is great.

    It is clear to me that Washington needs a war. If they can’t have it with Iran or North Korea they’ll turn to Venezuela. Or some other country in Africa or Asia. It is devastating and infuriating to see America raging war for fun. Meaning for special interests like Political gain, money gain through corruption or to steal Natural Resources.
    When is this madness going to end America?

  3. Hey Daniel, just saw your comment here now 🙂 Some things take time. Thanks for all of your support and comments on Patreon!! 🙂

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