Patreon: Yes, People Exist in Pyongyang

A common comment I’ve gotten on the fraction of photos/videos I’ve posted from North Korea (as I continue to sift through hundreds of them) is the lack of people on the streets. Bearing in mind that I haven’t yet posted videos and photos from busy places like the metro/subway system and public places, I’m sharing these screenshots from a video of a busy public square near the train station, a square that was filled with people, mostly sitting, each time I passed it.

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See: Yes, People Exist in Pyongyang

11 thoughts on “Patreon: Yes, People Exist in Pyongyang

  1. I am very sad that the Dumbocracy try to destroy those wonderful people of North Korea
    That was the case about my own country, that time being developing as the china of today , when people from West has asked me if I know to use a cocking machine on gas, as long they used those machines fabricated in my country.
    That was the result of the absolutely perpetual LIES and spreading ignorance of Western mass-media almost 20 years ago !

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