Caught in a lie, US & allies bomb Syria the night before international inspectors arrive

In January 2009, Israel repeatedly fired White Phosphorous on densely-populated areas of Gaza, targeting civilians. This was widely-documented, yet Israel has never been held accountable. America and allies recently bombed Syria on unproven, zero-evidence, allegations that Syria used chemical weapons.

Apr 15, 2018,, (republished on The Ron Paul Institute)

-by Eva Bartlett

The US, Britain and France trampled international law to launch missiles against Syria, claiming to have “evidence” of the government’s use of chemical weapons. That evidence is based on terrorist lies.
After a week of outrageous tweets and proclamations by POTUS Trump, which included continued accusations that Syria’s president ordered a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma, east of Damascus, with Trump using grotesque and juvenile terminology, such as “animal Assad,” the very evening before chemical weapons inspectors of the OPCW were to visit Douma, America and allies launched illegal bombings against Syria. The illegal bombings included 103 missiles, 71 of which Russia states were intercepted.

For the past week, we were told that the US had ‘evidence’ and the UK had ‘evidence’ that Syria had used chemicals. The ‘evidence’ largely relied on video clips and photos shared on social media, provided by the Western-funded White Helmets (that ‘rescuer’ group that somehow only operates in Al-Qaeda and co-terrorist occupied areas and participates in torture and executions), as well as by Yaser al-Doumani, a man whose allegiance to Jaysh al-Islam is clear from his own Facebook posts, for example of former Jaysh al-Islam leader, Zahran Alloush.

This, we were told, was ‘evidence.’ This and the words of the highly partial, USAID-funded, US State Department allied Syrian American Medical Society, which, like Al-Qaeda’s rescuers, only supports doctors in terrorist-occupied areas.

On April 12, even US Secretary of Defense James Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee that the US government does not have any evidence that sarin or chlorine was used, that he was still looking for evidence.

Syria, finding the claims to be lies and the sources tainted, requested that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) immediately come to Syria to investigate the claims. Accordingly, the OPCW agreed to send a team—the visas for which Syria granted immediately—which arrived in Damascus on April 14.

President Trump, instead of waiting for an investigation to confirm his ‘evidence,’ chose the very night before this investigative team would arrive in Syria to inspect the allegations, to bomb Syria. The timing of the attacks is more than just a little timely. And the bombings were illegal.

General Mattis tried to dance around the legality, stating, “the president has the authority under Article II of the Constitution to use military force overseas to defend important United States national interests.”

But he is wrong, this does not permit the US to illegally bomb a sovereign nation, and he knows it. So does Russia. In a statement on April 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the attacks as illegal, noting:

“Without the sanction of the Security Council of the United Nations, in violation of the UN Charter, norms and principles of international law, an act of aggression against a sovereign state that is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism has been committed.”

What if chemicals had been at targeted locations?

In the same Pentagon briefing, General Joseph Dunford specified the US and allies’ targets in Syria, alleging they were “specifically associated with the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program.” One target, at which 76 missiles were fired, was the Barzeh scientific research centre in heavily-populated Damascus itself, which Dunford claimed was involved in the “development, production and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology.”

This ‘target’ is in the middle of a densely-inhabited area of Damascus. According to Damascus resident Dr. (of business and economy) Mudar Barakat, who knows the area in question, “the establishment consists of a number of buildings. One of them is a teaching institute. They are very close to the homes of the people around.”



Of the strikes, Dunford claimed they “inflicted maximum damage, without unnecessary risk to innocent civilians.”

If one believed the claims to be accurate, would bombing them really save Syrian lives, or to the contrary cause mass deaths? Where is the logic in bombing facilities believed to contain hazardous, toxic chemicals in or near densely populated areas?

Regarding the actual nature of the buildings bombed, Syrian media, SANA, describes the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute as “centered on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs.” The destruction of this institute is particularly bitter, as, under the criminal western sanctions, cancer medicines sales to Syria are prohibited.

Interviews with one of its employees, Said Said, corroborate SANA’s description of the facility making cancer treatment and other medicinal components. One article includes Said’s logical point: “If there were chemical weapons, we would not be able to stand here. I’ve been here since 5:30 am in full health – I’m not coughing.”

Of the facility, the same SANA article noted that its labs had been visited by the OPCW, which issued two reports negating claims of any chemical weapons activities. This is a point Syria’s Ambassador al-Ja’afari raised in the April 14 UN Security Council meeting, noting that the OPCW “handed to Syria an official document which confirmed that the Barzeh centre was not used for any type of chemical activity” that would be in contravention to Syria’s obligations regarding the OPCW.

Bombings based on Al-Qaeda and Jaysh al-Islam Claims

The entire pretext of the US and allies’ illegal bombings of Syria is immoral and flawed. There is no evidence to the claims that Syria used chemicals in Douma. Numerous analysts have pointed out the obvious: that Syria would not benefit from having used chemical weapons. But America, Israel and allies would benefit from staged attacks.

The website Moon of Alabama noted discrepancies in the videos passed around on social media as “evidence” of Syria’s culpability, including the following:

“The ‘treatment’ by the ‘rebels’, dousing with water and administering some asthma spray, is unprofessional and many of the ‘patients’ seem to have no real problem. It is theater. The real medical personnel are seen in the background working on a real patient.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry has released interviews with two men who were included in the footage alleging a chemical attack has occurred. One of the men, Halil Ajij, said he worked in the hospital in question, they had treated people for smoke poisoning, saying: “We treated them, based on their suffocation,” also noting: “We didn’t see any patient with symptoms of a chemical weapons poisoning,” he said.

In an April 14 interview on Sky News, the former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, argued that the most elementary stage in the accusations game is to allow the actual inspection to occur.

“The evidence that chemical weapons were dropped is non-existent. Let the inspectors go in and possibly within days we will have a verdict but the jury is still out. …I’m totally confident that the inspectors will not produce one shred of evidence to back up the assertions of the Americans. If the Americans had proof, they’d have brought it forward. What they’re saying and what Mrs. May is saying, is just ‘take our word for it, trust us’. There’s not even a dodgy dossier this time.”

Israel and America benefit from the attacks… and are guilty of chemical weapons use

While the world’s eyes have been glazed over by chemical weapons script-reading journalists of corporate media, little notice is given to the ongoing Israeli slaughter and maiming of Palestinian unarmed demonstrators, targeted assassinations that last re-began with the March 30 murders of at least 17 unarmed Palestinians protesting in Gaza’s eastern regions. Israel’s murder of these unarmed youths, women and men got only mild tut-tuts from the UN, and was relegated to “clashes” by slavish corporate media. Israel is literally getting away with murder, as eyes are turned elsewhere.

ReadIsraeli violence against Palestinians will never end as a result of UN & US hypocrisy

According to Secretary Mattis, the US-led illegal attack on Syria “demonstrates international resolve to prevent chemical weapons from being used on anyone under any circumstances in contravention of international law.”

The irony? Both America and its close ally Israel have used chemical weapons on civilians. The US has attacked civilians in Vietnam and Iraq, to name but two countries, with chemical weapons.

In 2009, I was living in Gaza and documenting Israel’s war crimes when Israel bombed civilians all over Gaza with white phosphorous. These were civilians with nowhere to run or hide, including civilians who had fled their homes and taken shelter in a UN-recognized school. I myself documented numerous instances of Israel’s use of white phosphorous.


If this doesn’t outrage American citizens, the billions of US taxpayers’ dollars sent to Israel and spent on the bombing of sovereign nations — and not on America’s impoverished, nor on affordable health care — should outrage.

However, as author Jonathan Cook noted, the issue is not merely Trump’s threats to Syria:

“There is bipartisan support for this madness. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic leadership in the US, and much of the parliamentary Labour party in the UK, are fully on board with these actions. In fact, they have been goading Trump into launching attacks.”

By not attacking Russian forces in Syria this time, the US narrowly avoided a direct military confrontation with Russia, one which would have had global ramifications, to say the least.

The question now is: will the regime-change alliance be stupid and cruel enough to support yet another false flag chemical attack in their unending efforts to depose the Syrian president, or will they give up the game and allow Syria’s full return to peace? The US and allies claim their concern for Syrian civilians, but do everything in their power to ensure civilians suffer from terrorism and sanctions.


18 thoughts on “Caught in a lie, US & allies bomb Syria the night before international inspectors arrive

  1. This is almost the exact same thing that happened just before the beginning of the Iraq War. The UN weapons inspectors who were on the ground in Iraq were told by the Bush Administration to get out of Iraq for their own safety because the US and its allies were going to bomb Iraq. The inspection teams told the US that Saddam Hussein had given them free reign to inspect anywhere they wish and they said that if there were any WMDs there they would find them. Bush’s response was that he didn’t care about that and they should leave within 24 hours.
    Reporters and analysts might have asked a couple of simple questions: Is that the action of a president who believes that WMDs are there to be found? Or are they the actions of a president who is worried that they might declare that there are no WMD’s and thus pull the rug out from under his major argument for starting the war. Of course either those thoughts never dawned on them or they just didn’t think that asking those questions on the air or in their newspapers would help their careers. If only Americans could REMEMBER these things.

  2. Is OPCW still in Syria and did the raids target areas in Douma that they were scheduled to inspect ? Did the Coalition attempt to destroy areas on the inspection list ?

  3. Exactly! Sadly, we are living in dangerous times where duplicity and hypocrisy have become the accepted norm in international affairs as practised by the self-styled Coalition of the Willing. After all the horrors of the 20th century sane people all over the world hoped, believed and assumed that HUMAN interests would finally prevail – not a tyranny of destruction, oppression and deceit at their expense…

  4. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
    Why attack the supposed CW “factories”(one of those targets was a pharma lab developing cures for cancer since under US illegal sanctions no cancer drugs can be exported to Syria)? The explosions would have sent CW poisoning to the densely populated neighbourhood. The OPCW were invited by Assad and the night before they were due to arrive the next day to confirm or deny those fallacious accusations Trump & May have been making, these regime change allies bomb the evidence? In truth, the RC alliance had to bomb the sites in order to destroy the chance of an OPCW report denouncing the presence of the alleged cw’s – that’s the only conclusion that makes any sense. If you want to denounce Eva Bartlett and her evidence, then the question I would ask you is Why?
    “….According to Secretary Mattis, the US-led illegal attack on Syria “demonstrates international resolve to prevent chemical weapons from being used on anyone under any circumstances in contravention of international law.”
    Except when the US/UK and Israel are the ones using them.

  5. Well, this is going all over the place, from 21st Century to LewRockwell … congratulations! Of course, there will be the naysayers but they have their own private hells in which to fume, smolder, and burn, eh? My own contribution (posted somewhere … MintPress) is as follows:

    “The important point to emphasise is the degree to which the France-UK-US (known in some circles as “FUKUS”) have become the greater proponents and villains of chemical warfare use. HAD there been any chemicals in the facilities attacked, who knows how many people in the area would have been injured, maimed, or killed by the gasses released? Yes, the Syrian use is all some sort of fairy tale, read out by the glorified kindergarten teacher, Nimrata of the UN, appealing to the eager ears of the willing and naïve listeners. What she should be reading to the assembled group is the story of the guard dog who got too much of an appetite for the taste of blood for its flock and had to be dealt with accordingly. The attacks were not about being, as Terri May asserts, “right and legal,” but sating the imperialists’ and opportunists’ bloodlust. They were not about concerns for humans and other creatures; they were about killing more people and in open, blatant, and irrefutable ways. Another unfortunate thing is the vicious will never get their fill, given that they have no mettle, poltroons all. They refuse any and every chance to get into the fray personally, leaving the actual production of the “war porn” to others, enlisting the unwary in their vile villainy. The intervention needed is NOT in some far-off land but in their own businesses, homes, and minds.”

    Take care …

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