11 thoughts on “Take two minutes to listen to Roger Waters on the White Helmets and Douma CW hoax

  1. Equally as important as Roger’s comment is the positive response of the audience to his comments… they could have boo’ed him, but didn’t.

  2. Trump, Macron and May – had everything gone according to plan, instead of both the Skripal and Douma false flags rapidly exposed and collapsed – would have assassinated Assad (or attempted) and carried out an Iraq “shock and awe” repeat. The April 13 100-missile strike was a negotiated, self-regulated action which took into account the great extent to which Skripal and Douma were collapsing, while signaling more false flags in the Nikki Haley statement at the UNSC, where she conveyed Trump’s message: “If Assad does another chemical attack, we (the US/UK/France) are ‘locked and loaded’”.

    It seems the only guarantee against future Trump, Macron, May and NATO escalation is decisive prosecution of them – on a global scale, where the entirety of humanity becomes aware – as relates to the Skripal and Douma false flags.

  3. Too bad he didn’t let the Pascale propagandist try, so he could dismantle it!!! Drumpfs surrounded by chabbad lubbavitch traitorous scum. So is Macron surrounded in freemasonry France, is May as well? Of yeah the redshield AshkenNAZIm mafia own London, city of too.

  4. Hi Eva,
    I am a fellow Canadian. On his current trip, Justin Trudeau was just thanked on Monday by Macron for agreeing to participate in Minusma with helicopters and support personnel in the West African nation of Mali.

    France claims to be leading a counter terror mission claiming islamic militants launched bomb attacks disguised as peacekeepers.

    Mali was formerly a colony of France until 1960. Islamic militant allegations were also made in 2013.

    Have you looked into this situation?

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