Resist NOW – Interview with Eva Bartlett (Video)

Exclusively for Syriana Analysis, Marwa Osman interviews the Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett right after her return from Syria, where she visited Damascus, Eastern Ghouta, Daraa and Aleppo.

May 21, 2018, Syriana Analysis


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7 thoughts on “Resist NOW – Interview with Eva Bartlett (Video)

  1. Just a thanks for your work. Just saw the Redacted Tonight clip, great job as always Eva.

  2. Thank you for your courage.

    The tunnels look extraordinarily well-built. Wonder if one line of investigation would be to talk to experts, like civil engineers to find out what sort of skills, resources etc would be needed to build such tunnels. Which would then suggest what sort of external support these groups are getting, whether there are any western/israeli experts on the ground helping these groups etc.

    Did the syrian people report seeing any such foreigners in ghouta etc ?

  3. To follow up on the comment above, similarly, it would be interesting to map what sort of training, skills, equipment, resources it would take to produce the slick WhiteHelmets type video…

    for example, ordinary lay people like me find it difficult to believe the detailed medical videos are entirely fake,

    until for example, we learn that one of the female doctors in the bbc documentary about a syrian attack was a british army colleague of the officer running a major british army hospital simulation training division, including the simulation of combat injuries…

    and that there were private sector orgamisations like Hospex (?) that specialized in such simulations

    and also map the sort of media, video production training that is being technology-transferred to these groups

  4. Was there an underground tunnel from the WhiteHelmets communication centre in saqba, to the bombmaking factory nearby ? thanks…

  5. Despite our differences , you have done some important work out there Eva … very courageous . Also do you know the BBC World Service did a hatchet job on you a few weeks back?

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