Addressing Lies Around Syria Chemical Attack Story, and More, With Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight

Just after I left Syria, Lee Camp had me on Redacted Tonight to discuss Douma, the White Helmets, Dara’a and more.

I’ve added some of my footage to the interview, which was initially published on May 24 on Redacted Tonight.

He introduced it with this tweet:

“Independent journalist Eva Bartlett went to Syria and did NOT find evidence of chemical weapons attacks. So where is the mainstream media now that our latest lie for war has been debunked?”


Douma Medical Student Testimony Contradicts Mainstream and White Helmets Chemical Accusations

Reflections on how Damascus used to be hammered with terrorists mortars

Damascus sweet shop owner fled eastern Ghouta when terrorists came

Tour of traditional Old Damascus home damaged by terrorists’ mortar attacks

Syrian family on Chemical Weapons, White Helmets, Support for Assad (and Lying Media)

Syrian comedian Treka on Fake Revolution, Fake Chemical Attack, and more

Interview with Abu Ahmed, a sage of Old Damascus

Life in Old Aleppo, around the historic Citadel

Words of Old Aleppo Resident Who Never Fled His City

Aleppo MP Fares Shehabi on improved life in Aleppo since liberation

White Helmets complex in Saqba, Ghouta

White Helmets complex in Ansari, Aleppo, down lane from AQ HQ

Dr Amer Ghantous on Al Jazeera March 2011 lies on Syria

-Sharmine Narwani’s Syria: The hidden massacre

6 thoughts on “Addressing Lies Around Syria Chemical Attack Story, and More, With Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight

  1. Amazing. I saw this last night. The extra footage makes this much better. Having been a guest on redacted tonight I find it a conundrum. As on one hand they cover up the israeli centered roll and the arrested mossad members in nyc. Then they are deconstructing this obviously false narrative against the secular republic of Syria. I am glad you sre helping in that. And stay safe out there, coming from lee struck me as a bit odd. Otherwise this interview is much needed, circulated as far as I can.

    Sgt Miller IV

  2. Thank you for all you do. For me, you’ve brought the truth to the surface. I’ve been following the events in Syria closely since the beginning of the so called revolution & though it’s been confusing at times to know what the truth is .. i have no doubts when i listen to you.
    You’ve put your life on the line repeatedly to get the truth out. And all i can say is thank you brave lady, thank you!! If only we had more brave journalists such as yourself, the world would not be in so much peril.

  3. Eva;
    Could you tell me any idea or guess about the answer to the following two questions:
    1) What percentage of the so called “rebels” are actually from the Syrian origin?
    2) What percentage of Syrian Kurdish population is sympathetic to US/Israel?
    I am not expecting any accurate numbers of course, I am just asking if you have any “guesstimates” based on your observations and interactions in Syria.

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