Robert Inlakesh On His Documentary, “Steal of the Century: Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe”

Robert Inlakesh is a Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, and Middle-East  Analyst

I recently spoke with him on his visits to Occupied Palestine and in  particular his two-part documentary, “Steal Of The Century’: Trump’s  Palestine-Israel Catastrophe” , the first part of which he released on  June 5.

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6 thoughts on “Robert Inlakesh On His Documentary, “Steal of the Century: Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe”

  1. Here is my comments on Robert Inlakesh On his Documentary, Steal of the Century; Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe:

    Prior to 1948 the Palestinians lived peacefully with other people with different religious beliefs.
    The British made a covenant with the Jews, and due to the holocaust, they got the UN to agree that the Jews should have their own land (back).

    The way they selected the Israel and Palestine was brilliant, because it fragmented the Palestine ‘state’ from the beginning giving the Israelites the possibility to encircle and fragment the Palestine territory over time, which is exactly what they have done.

    The only real solution at that time for a two state solution would have been one border north south or east westerly with a clear boundary.

    The Jews read the bible and actually wanted the old story about the Great Israel with all the territories mentioned in the Bible Genesis 15, God’s Covenant with Abram, to be the future Israel.
    From the River of Egypt to great river Euphrates.
    That probably includes Lebanon, big chunk of the Arabian desert, most part of Syria, most of Jordan.

    But to occupy Palestine was a good starter.

    Fast forward: today Israel has occupied most of old Palestine, and on top of that fragmented what is still called Palestine with settlements all over the place.
    Only faintly reaction from the global community.

    This division and land grab will in the end mean:

    When Israel’s initial plan to occupy the whole land has come to fruition, then they will invite all Palestinians to be citizens of Israel, and to be very nice, give them all the rights as the Israelites. No more apartheid.

    The USA, Europe and the rest will shed some tears due to the kindness of the Israelites and the Israeli prime minister will receive the Nobel’s peace price.

    The only thing is that you have turned the Israelites as rulers (minority that is) and the Palestine people as common citizen, just the opposite of the situation prior 1948.

    And that my friends has been the plan from the very first beginning.

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