Alex Christoforou on Ukraine’s 8 year war on the Donbass & Russia’s military operation in Ukraine

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On March 19, I spoke with Alex Christoforou, co-founder of The Duran, an independent media site providing geopolitical analysis on a range of issues.

As Alex and co-host Alexander Mercouris have been providing regular updates and analysis on the Russian military operation in Ukraine, I thought viewers and listeners could benefit hugely from recording a conversation with Alex.

He discusses the origins of the current military operation in Ukraine, developments on the ground, the complete whitewashing of the last eight years of Ukraine’s bloody war on the people of the Donbass, and parallels in reporting on Syria and Ukraine, Western propaganda on both, and military strategies around liberating both of al-Qaeda and other terrorists (Syria) and Nazis and allied extremists (Ukraine).

These are perspectives you won’t hear in Western corporate media, or even from many professed anti-Imperialist commentators.

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“People who tried to evacuate from Kiev-controlled Rubizhne told how the Ukrainian security forces opened fire on their car – 1 person was killed, 4 were injured. The LPR forces took the family out of the shelling and took them to the hospital.”

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8 thoughts on “Alex Christoforou on Ukraine’s 8 year war on the Donbass & Russia’s military operation in Ukraine

  1. This is ABSOLUTELY identical to the situation which led to ‘Operation Barbarossa’ when Russia was still occupied by the Bolsheviks.
    Hitler: Proclamation to the soldiers of the Eastern Front – Fuhrer Headquarters, October 2, 1941
    “As we know today, it was the intention of the rulers in the Kremlin to destroy not only Germany, but also Europe. Comrades, you have realized two things in the meantime:
    1. This opponent armed himself militarily for his attack to such an enormous extent that even our greatest fears were surpassed.
    2. Lord have mercy on our Volk and on the entire European world if this barbaric enemy had been able to get his tens of thousands of tanks to move before we could.”
    “You have taken over two million four hundred thousand prisoners, you have destroyed or captured seventeen thousand five hundred tanks and over twenty-one thousand guns, you have downed or destroyed on the ground fourteen thousand two hundred planes.
    Now, my comrades, you have personally seen this ”paradise of workers and peasants” with your own eyes. In a country, whose vastness and fertility could feed the whole world, a poverty reigns that we Germans cannot imagine. This is the result of nearly twenty-five years of Jewish rule which, as Bolshevism, basically reflects the basest form of capitalism. The bearers of this system are the same in both instances: Jews and again Jews!

  2. Hello Eva,
    I really like your work and i want to donate but i refuse to use PayPal or Patreon. You should really have a Bitcoin(other crypto) payment option. Or maybe you do and i missed it?

  3. Hi, and thank you. I don’t blame you at all, I don’t like either platform. I do need to get on Bitcoin. When I do, I’ll announce it, I suppose. Thanks again!

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