DPR Civilians On Why They Wanted A Referendum To Join Russia

My overview of the DPR referendum to join Russia.

It’s mainly the people themselves talking, over the course of 5 days, including door-to-door voting (no, not at gunpoint) and voting in voting stations on the 5th day.

Western commentators would do well to listen to them (but we know they won’t).


-they waited 8 years for this -they are tired of being bombed by Ukraine, they want peace & feel joining Russia will bring this

-they were not intimidated or forced to vote, many (like Syrians) faced potential shelling in order to do so, many volunteered in order to ensure the referendum went ahead

-they’ve long since given up caring what western commentators & “news” say about them (the same who whitewashed Ukraine’s 8+ years of war crimes against the civilians of the Donbass).

For my commentary, see this recent interview:


**Twitter threads with numerous clips of voting over the five day period:

-Ukrainian Terrorism of Central Donetsk September 17 Kills 4, Using Western Weapons

Carnage: Ukraine’s terrorism on Donetsk September 19 killed 16 civilians, 9 in one spot.

Ukraine shelled a completely civilian area of central Donetsk, killing at least 5 civilians

What I’ve seen of Ukraine’s war crimes against civilians in the Donbass over the past few months

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