another funeral bombed

“Fi shark sheyjayee, ashera shuhada…”

Israeli warplanes just bombed a funeral ceremony in a school in Eastern Sheyjayee, east of Gaza city. Minutes ago, as the mourners of another recently killed by Israel tried in vain to grieve their dead. At least ten more are now dead. Everything is in vain here: breathing (inhale chemical fumes), running and seeking sanctuary (no sanctuary possible), condemning Israel’s war crimes (which even the carefully diplomatic, very articulate, John Ging has done, in effect, condemning the bombing first of the UN school and then the chemical bombing –white phosphorus, Ging said– of the UN headquarters, with its supply of food for the refugees of Gaza), hoping, grieving, being admitted to hospitals (Wafa hospital was threatened, attacked, and evacuated; al Quds hospital was repeatedly bombed yesterday, burning late into the night, necessitating the transfer –under danger from the Israeli tanks lurking and snipers targeting), and –of course–staying home and hoping the missiles will not strike.

An hour earlier, the house of Dr. Ezzadeen Abu Al Aishe, in the bombarded Dawwar Zimmo area, eastern Jabaliya (occupied and cut off from medical personnel, continuing to be hit by air and tank strikes) was hit by tank shelling, killing 3 of his daughters and one niece. Ahmed, a journalist, tells me Dr. Ezzaadeen was more famous in Israel than in Palestine.

13 thoughts on “another funeral bombed

  1. Dear Eva,

    In a 16 January post, you said: ‘Everything’s in vain here …’

    Certainly it must seem so, with mourners being bombed while mourning those bombed before, doctors watching daughters die while helping others’ daughters live, criminals condemned only to continue committing their crimes.

    One must wonder at the humanity- and even the sanity- of the victims of concentration camps, gas chambers, ovens- a Holocaust, always with a capital ‘H’- victimizing others the way Israelis are so viciously victimizing- coldbloodedly killing- Palestinians.

    But your being there with the Palestinians, telling those who can’t be there- who wonder whether they’d have the courage to risk their lives there the way you’re risking yours- telling them- me and everyone else reading your blog- what’s happening there: That’s not useless, futile.

    Properly informed, people outside Israel might be able to persuade people inside to think about what they’ve done- might well do again in future, if not stopped.

    It seems to me that Israelis don’t see Palestinians as human. If I’m right, if Israelis- some of them, at least- hate Palestinians that much, then you’ve got years of blogging ahead of you, but the situation’s not hopeless. And even if, over time, you personally ‘burn out’, what you’ve done won’t have been in vain.

    Because of you, Palestinians will know that at least some people outside Israel care what happens to them. (There are even Israelis who care, and especially Arab-Israelis, who are themselves second-class citizens.)

    Rant and rail at the Israelis, if you must- I do- or cry with and for the Palestinians, if you prefer, but don’t despair. Stay as long as you can; do as much as you can: It’s not in vain.

    Yours truly,
    James Wiegert

  2. Eva,your courage and integrity is a real source of
    comfort and sanity during this nightmare
    of barbarity and slaughter.
    I pray for your safety and protection.
    Your contribution to the job of letting the world see and know is superb.I have the most sincere and deep respect for you.I am posting links to your blog to as many as I can.
    May God protect and bless you.

  3. The world does not know the full extent of the murderous actions of this rogue state. They are doing two wars here. First the media war which complements the real military war. History will judge this terrorist country as it is. This is perhaps the only real state sponsor of terror. For no country will bomb whole houses full of people just because one of the occupants of the house ‘might be’ on their wanted list. Long live Palestine. Never ever give up!

  4. And many others in the world remain ignorant. Remain adamant on their “Palestinians are terrosrists” stance. Remain blind.

    I pray you will be able to continue on reporting everything in Gaza, God bless you.

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