Aleppo MP Fares Shehabi on Renewed Life in Secular Aleppo, Syria

Recently, I returned to Aleppo to see the difference between the Aleppo I got to know from four visits in 2016, when terrorists were bombing and sniping civilians, the Aleppo I saw in June 2017 visiting the sites of terrorist headquarters and Sharia courts, and Aleppo now, free of the stench of terrorist rule in the city.

Aleppo now is a totally different city, not plagued with chronic total lack of electricity and water (there are still power cuts, but also long bouts of power, I was told), and above all not fully bombarded by terrorists. Sadly, terrorists in the countryside still manage to bomb areas of the city, so it isn’t full peace just yet. But in spite of that, the will to live and rebuild is heartening and impressive.

Here is a conversation I had with Aleppo MP Fares Shehabi while in Aleppo, with thanks to him for his time and his powerful words. Thanks to Syriana Analysis for sharing it.

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UK Channel 4: “Let’s…let’s not get into history.” [Update: See my rebuttal to CH 4 smears and lies]

Terrorist-apologist, Krishnan Guru Murthy, when confronted with #truth by Aleppo’s Fares Shehabi/ Faris Shihabi who points out that (UK) Channel 4 owes #Syria an apology.
Shehabi: “In December, the coverage was ‘moderate rebels fighting the Assad regime forces.’ It turned out that these moderate forces were al-Nusra.”
*rough edit of KGM’s report ( 😀 please note his expressions)*You can watch the full report here.

Commentaries here (do check the comments, people are aware and informed of Ch4’s lies):

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