Scenes from Aleppo’s old city, renewed life around the Citadel


Walking around the stunning Aleppo citadel yesterday was walking in an Aleppo I had not seen. The Aleppo I knew since July 2016 was a city being incessantly pounded by terrorists’ mortars, gas canister bombs, missiles, explosive bullets, and more.

Then, the Citadel itself was off-limits due to the very real likelihood of being sniped by one of the ‘moderate’ freedom-bringing terrorists (by Nov 2016, nearly 11, 000 civilians had been killed by these moderates).

Women smoking shisha in public (or at all) was unthinkable under the rule of al-Qaeda and co-terrorists…much less women being human beings and having personalities, identities, ideas.

Western leaders and their lapdog media tell us that Syrians are oppressed. These same voices fail to come to liberated areas and speak with Syrians liberated from the oppressors who made their lives hell, murdered their loved ones, destroyed their heritage, infrastructure and property.

The terrorists, under the command of/facilitated by Western, Turkish, Gulf and Zionist backers, intended to destroy Syria’s future.

But Syrians proved them to be idiots–idiots with no clue as to just how damn resilient Syrians are, and how determined Syrians are to chose a future of peace and sovereignty, and a continuation of this amazing, cultured society that is secular Syria.

He skated by and off, to his own music.

Couldn’t have happened under rule of Western-supported terrorists. This youth would quite possibly have been slaughtered by the ‘moderates’ for being a normal human being. The ‘moderates’ supported by the West (and Western media) routinely execute Syrian civilians for not observing their extreme ideology.
#SecularSyria #DumpTheMSM

backers, intended to destroy Syria’s future.

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8 thoughts on “Scenes from Aleppo’s old city, renewed life around the Citadel

  1. Beautiful report showing the resolve and humanity of good people. This cannot be conquered by any faction of any empire as it resides in the heart. True hope is powerful and is a good thing. And great skater video. Too cool! :-)) Thanks for sharing these. All the best.

  2. Bravo brave truth teller!
    You and Max Blumenthal are my go to truth seekers in Syria!

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