My Speech at AlQuds Day Toronto

My speech at the al Quds Day demonstration yesterday.

PLEASE reply to Doug Ford’s ignorant tweet:

Screenshot from 2018-06-10 17-08-13

My replies:

Screenshot from 2018-06-10 17-18-14

Related photos here:

Related to my comment about Canada’s Green Party spewing dangerous war propaganda on Syria:

Regarding my comments on life in Gaza, Israeli firing on Palestinian farmers and fishers, lack of electricity, consequent sewage overflows, and more, summarized here, with links to more examples:

Regarding Mleeta, mentioned at the end:

More links regarding Syria:

6 thoughts on “My Speech at AlQuds Day Toronto

  1. Once more, you have made a significant contribution to the understanding and resolution of a long-standing problem, standing up for your principles and expressing what others cannot. May we all support your efforts and wish you continued success for the years to come.

    The important part of the “Tweet” statement is “genociding original Jewish, Christian, and Muslim inhabitants” in that one must keep in focus who these people really are. Your “pal,” Doug, insists on using co-opted language, terms like “anti-Semitic ideology.” What this person, along with too many others, forgets is the original inhabitants are also largely Semites. Certainly, when the term “anti-Semite” was coined back in 1879 by the German agitator Wilhelm Marr,* one segment was represented. “Why” this term acquired validity and currency is most likely because the Judahists were the only representatives of anything relating to “Semitism,” given Martel and Sobieski booted the Moslems out of Europe in various battles, Tours, CE 732, and Vienna, CE 1683, respectively.

    What MUST happen is the reclaiming of language from the niche activists, publicising widely and often what the real meanings of the terms are. The real “anti-Semitism” is against the original inhabitants of the region, against actual Semites, not those who have adopted a religious perspective and then donned the cloak thereof. Not to get too deep into various backgrounds and debates about them, writers**, geneticists, genealogists, and historians*** have challenged the origins of those who have relocated to the Middle East, they who have attempted to fashion a “state” based upon some fellow named “Herzl,” a Hungarian by birth, and his political views.

    I, personally, do not have an opinion one way or another on how people find their directions to their chosen deity or the Cosmos or whatever stimulates their striving toward the Infinite. I do, however, object to those who seek to find their ways to their ultimate goals of spirituality over the injured, wounded, maimed, and dead bodies of “the others” who seem to be mere inconveniences. It is amazing that anyone who would seek to increase their standing among the living beings of the World would do everything possible to draw such shamefulness to themselves.

    I have lived with and loved people of ALL backgrounds, choosing to discriminate, if and when indicated, against individuals and NOT groups. Because I agree with you that Ford is a buffoon does not mean that I am against all “Fords.” I have worked and lived with a “Ford.” I have driven a “Ford” for over twenty years. I find one or two “Fords” offensive, namely Rob and Doug, in this context. So, please, do not call me an “anti-Ford.”

    The path to the solution of the mess that the imperialists have caused in the Middle East begins with the step of neutralising their influence in the region, letting the historical peoples decide their own directions and fates on their own. It is interesting to see the AlQuds Day speakers in a country that has found acceptance and inclusion of all peoples (at least in the current century). It is unfortunate that the same perspectives do not exist in the Middle East, not existing there for over a hundred years, ever since the uninvited “guests” crashed the scene.****

    * [Note the background of the author]

  2. A great speech by Eva at the al Quds Day event – forceful and passionate. Palestinians and Syrians are fortunate to have people like her on their side. I only wish there were more like her.

  3. That was as powerful as an unarmed noncombatant can be. A beautiful expression of feminine power and strength.

    Sgt. Miller IV

  4. Than you Eva for spreading the truth about the injustices in the world and standing up for the oppressed. I wish there was more people as courageous, principled and moral as you. You are a great human being and journalist and i wish you the best.

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