endless casualties of the Zionists'”buffer zone”

Mahmoud Shawa, 19, was shot just below the knee by an “Israeli” soldier during a non-violent demonstration against the Zionist-imposed ‘buffer zone’ near Nahal Oz border crossing. He arrived at Shifa Hospital bleeding heavily.

Although in great pain and having lost a considerable amount of blood, Shawa was able to clarify that, no, the soldiers did not give any warning before they shot him in the leg.

The bullet, entering and exiting just below Shawa’s left knee was clearly intended for his kneecap, paralleling the injuries of two of four demonstrators shot by Zionist soldiers on March 30 in two separate Land Day demonstrations. One year earlier, Wafa An Najar, 17, was ‘kneecapped’ as she and her family returned to the site of their home, destroyed during the Zionist massacre of Gaza in 2008-2009. As Wafa stood roughly 800 metres from the border in Khoza’a, southeast of Khan Younis, an “Israeli” soldier targeted her, hitting her exactly in the kneecap.

Shawa, like those injured on March 30, says he will return to the demonstrations when he can walk again.

“I came because we are protesting this buffer zone,” he said.

The teen is representative of the youths who demonstrate alongside women and men: fearless, ready to defy the Zionists’ attempt to annex Palestinian land.

“He had his university books with him,” said Shawa’s friend. “He came from university to the demonstration.”

Shawa is studying information technology.

The demonstration today was in keeping with the non-violent demonstrations protesting the “Israeli”-imposed ‘buffer zone’, a restriction which extends far beyond the 300 metres Zionists say is off-limits. The soldiers’ shooting was in keeping the “Israeli” army’s policy of targeting visibly unarmed civilians, acts later to be whitewashed under the pretext of ‘security’.

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  1. How come you are not writing for IPS news agency anymore? I remember seeing quite a few of your articles published there.

  2. i am still planning to write for them… have just gotten a bit busy, but have maybe 8 articles in the making! hopefully soon will be back on track! thanks!

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